EaRTH's 3rd Annual Research Forum

From the Laboratory to the Legislature: Science’s Role in Reducing Environmental Impacts on Health and Health Equity


Join us to get new ideas, find new collaborations, and learn about the latest research methods in environmental health.

If you can’t stay for the whole time, we understand. Come for what you can!

This meeting is in person only on the UCSF Parnassus Campus at the Millberry Union (City Lights + Golden Gate Room). 500 Parnassus Ave, SF, CA.

Also, the Asia-Pacific Economic Corporation (APEC) Leaders’ Meeting is November 11-17 at the Moscone Center. Should your travels to Parnassus take you through the impacted area, please allot time accordingly. UCSF-specific info about APEC can be found here.



Forum Schedule

1 pm - Facilitated Poster Session with Lightning Round Poster Talks

Kimberly Badal, PhD: Race and Ethnicity, Area Deprivation, and Exposure to Environmental Toxins in the WISDOM Clinical Trial Population

Songmei Gao, PhD: Analysis of Extended List of Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in Human Serum/Plasma Samples

Karina Barragan, MPH & Parker Yang: Characterizing Mobility Patterns to Assess Microenvironment Air Pollution Exposure and Associations with Asthma Symptoms in Adolescents

Jessica Trowbridge, PhD, MPH: Leveraging scientific research to improve federal chemical regulation and reduce health disparities

Nate Alhalel, MD, MPH: A Comparative Environmental Impact Analysis of Methods for Colon Cancer Screening

Amber L. Kramer, PhD: Human Exposure to PAHs

Daisy Brambila (UCSF Medical Student): Effects of toxicants and psychoactive compounds on cellular health

1:50 pm - EaRTH announcements and the political life cycle of a chemical (Director Tracey Woodruff)

2:10 pm - Joshua Robinson and the new Center to Advance Toxicology and Chemical Hazard Assessment (CATCHA)

1:20 pm - Susan Lamontagne; Communications for Public and Policy Impact

2:30 pm - Assemblymember Phil Ting

3 pm - EaRTH Pilot and Seedling investments and overview (Deputy Director Diana Laird)

3:05 - 4:30 pm - Flash Talks

Paige Bracci, PhD, MPH, MS (UCSF School of Medicine, Epidemiology & Biostatistics)

Exposome Analyses and Glioma Mutational Signatures in Firefighters in the Adult Glioma Study

Pam Den Besten, DDS (UCSF School of Dentistry, Orofacial Sciences)

Assessment of the biological effects of community water fluoridation, and their relevance to prenatal development

Ayca Erkin-Cakmak, MD, MPH (UCSF School of Medicine, Pediatrics)

Prenatal and Mid-childhood Exposure to Mixtures of Persistent Organic Pollutants and Cardiometabolic Health in Mexican-American Young Adults from the CHAMACOS Cohort

Anna Claire Fernández (UCSF medical student)

Retrospective Analysis of Wildfire Smoke Exposure and Birth Weight Outcomes

4:30 pm - Close