The EaRTH Center has two categories of membership: Full Member and Affiliate Member

  • Full Members are UCSF and UC faculty or those with academic appointments engaged in Center activities with environmental health-relevant research programs and peer-reviewed extramural research funding.
  • Affiliate Members are faculty, researchers, postdoctoral fellows, research staff, health professionals or community NGO’s that are engaged in Center activities and have an interest in promoting environmental health in their profession or research program, but without current peer-reviewed research funding.


General Benefits of Center Membership

  • Enhanced opportunities to enhanced opportunities to seed and engage in new collaborations and research directions and to partner with other faculty who can act as co-investigators or mentors
  • Obtain guidance for entering the field from mentorship relationships, and help foster new talent in environmental science
  • Access to expert advice about scientific capabilities and proper interpretation of data
  • Opportunity to be promoted on the EaRTH Center website, social media and other materials
  • Invitation to participate in the EaRTH Center’s Pilot Project Programs
  • Access to EaRTH Center events, informational materials and other related activities


Members Benefit

The primary purpose of the Cores is to provide EaRTH researchers with expertise to design their environmental health research, access to cutting-edge or expensive methods and technologies to support successful research projects.

  • Access to funds through the Seedling Award program for use in the Center’s numerous cores (Integrated Health Sciences Facility Core, Bioassay Facility Core)
  • Priority access to and use of core facilities at a subsidized rate
  • Opportunity to translate findings and increase uptake of your research into clinical and policy areas as a service provided by our IHSFC
  • Support for communicating findings to social media and news outlets
  • Opportunity to work with stakeholders and community partners through our Community Engagement Core to work together on research projects, environmental justice issues and to promote the translation of your scientific findings to reach broader public audiences


Membership Expectations

Full and affiliate members are all expected to:

  • Cite the NIEHS P30 UCSF EaRTH Center grant on relevant publications including whenever an EaRTH Center Core resource was utilized or EaRTH consultation provided (Award P30-ES030284). See the EaRTH website for acknowledgement text.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to environmental health whether through interdisciplinary research, community outreach, education, advocacy or clinical care

Please note, there may be additional requirements for anyone receiving an EaRTH Center award including those in the Seedling Program, Pilot Project Program, Mentored Awards, etc. Please refer to the details in the award notice regarding those requirements.


Membership Guidelines for Full Members

Center membership is reviewed annually. Reappointment for full members is based on the following ongoing criteria:

  • A sustained publication record in areas consistent with the mission of the Center
  • Sustained peer-review grant support in areas consistent with the mission of the Center
  • Collaboration with a community partner or mentoring a junior investigator in environmental health is equivalent to writing grants or publication
  • Participation in Center activities which includes attendance at EaRTH Center events including:

          -  attends half of the Annual Research Forum

          -  attends at least 4 of the monthly EaRTH Center “EaRTHinar” webinar series

          -  attends at least 2 general EaRTH Center meetings (3-4 held annually)

  • Citation of the NIEHS P30 UCSF EaRTH Center grant on relevant publications including whenever an EaRTH Center Core resource was utilized or EaRTH consultation provided
  • Collaboration on publications and/or grants with Center members
  • Contribution to the educational and outreach activities of the Center
  • Completion of requested surveys


Application Process

All membership applications are reviewed and voted on by the EaRTH Center Executive Committee.

Please include the following in your application packet and email it to [email protected]. You will be notified of the membership decision via email. All new full members must also complete the initial Center member survey which will be emailed to you upon membership approval.

  1. Please let us know if you are applying for affiliate or full membership*
  2. A short paragraph indicating why you want to join the Center, how you feel you can contribute to EaRTH Center’s mission, and your interest in environmental health.
  3. For Full Member applications:
  • A recent NIH Biosketch that includes current funding. In addition to usual information, personal statement also describes research interests.


*Members may request that they change membership categories if needed.