The EaRTH Center has two categories of membership: Full Member and Affiliate Member

  • Full Members are UCSF and non-UCSF faculty engaged in Center activities with environmental health-relevant research programs and peer-reviewed extramural research funding.
  • Affiliate Members are faculty, researchers, postdoctoral fellows, research staff or health professionals that are engaged in Center activities and have an interest in promoting environmental health in their profession or research program, but without current peer-reviewed research funding.

Benefits of Center Membership

  • enhance opportunities to recognize innovative collaborative directions and to partner with more senior faculty who can act as co-investigators or mentors
  • enable researchers to remain abreast of methods and technological improvements in rapidly changing fields
  • ease entry into environmental health field by trainees, early-stage investigators, and intermediate-to-senior investigators with no prior history in the field
  • allow UCSF investigators to more knowledgeably and efficiently add an environmental component to their new or existing studies
  • allow UCSF clinical faculty to apply their clinical knowledge to ask environmental health research questions but lack the necessary training 
  • opportunity to be featured on the EaRTH Center website, social media and other promotional materials
  • invitation to participate in the EaRTH Center’s Pilot Project Program
  • access to EaRTH Center events, informational materials and other related activities

Additional Benefits Specific to Full Members

The primary purpose of the Cores is to provide EaRTH researchers with expertise to design their environmental health research, access to cutting-edge or expensive methods and technologies to support successful research projects.

  • priority access to and use of core facilities at a reduced rate
  • receive expert advice about scientific capabilities and proper interpretation of data
  • opportunity to translate findings
  • opportunity to work with stakeholders from our Community Engagement Core to promote the translation of your scientific findings to reach broader public audiences
  • lower administrative, technological, knowledge and financial barriers to the application of critical methods 
  • support investigators’ efforts to communicate the findings of their studies and exponentially increase uptake of new science into clinical and policy areas

Application Process & Criteria

More membership-related information is being finalized by the EaRTH Center Executive Committee. Expect this page to be updated in January 2021.