Chemical Screening and Chemical Library


Core Director:  Jennifer Fung, PhD

The High-Throughput Chemical Screening (HTCS) service of the Bioassay Facility Core provides EaRTH Center members with three important services to allow researchers to rapidly test chemical toxicity:

1) collection and maintenance of an environmental chemical library consisting of at least 250 chemicals to ease testing of compounds by providing a standardized set of environmental chemicals

2) provision of an in vivo budding yeast model system to evaluate the effects of chemical compounds on cell proliferation, meiotic progression, and cell/subcellular morphology using high content imaging.

3) provision of equipment and expertise to perform HTCS in various tissue culture cells for morphological changes using Cell Painting

4) provision of InCell 600 high content confocal imager to evaluate C. elegans for morphological changes due to toxicity and AI based analysis of images.


  • Chemical library - A repository of common environmental contaminants
  • High-throughput chemical screening - run chemical testing assays for chemicals or combinations of chemicals of interest


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