Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) Environmental Chemistry Laboratory (ECL) Facility


Facility Lead/Experimental Study Design:  Dr. June-Soo Park

The Environmental Chemistry Laboratory (ECL) Facility provides measurements of chemical levels in biological samples (i.e., biomonitoring) and environmental media, including water and dust.



  • Targeted biomonitoring of biological samples for chemicals whose presence is well established in human tissue (e.g., PBDEs and PFAS) or for which limited biomonitoring data indicate potential for widespread exposure (e.g., organophosphate flame retardants, new replacement short-chain PFAS)
  • Non-targeted/suspect screening analysis using high-resolution MS biomonitoring approaches–a new analytic service not widely available to researchers


Dr. Park is Chief of the Biomonitoring Branch at DTSC. He has over 14 years of experience in the testing of toxic agents at the ECL of the DTSC. He laid the groundwork for developing high-throughput, multi-residue, targeted and nontargeted analytical methods to measure trace levels of persistent organic pollutants and unknown chemicals in various types of samples including human, wildlife, water, and other environmental media. He has worked with numerous epidemiologic studies, and his work has been extremely impactful in showing the effects of public policies on chemical exposures.