The UCSF EaRTH Center Environmental Scholars Program

A Funded, Three-year Community-Based Clinical and Research Program in Environmental Health


The Environmental Scholars Program (ESP) is a 3-year community-based clinical and research program designed to build the next generation of environmental health leaders. Each year, the ESP will provide two 1st year students at UCSF and the UCSF/UCB JMP with a summer internship experience to learn about factors in the environment that determine health outcomes. Students will be placed with environmental organization, community clinic or community health organization to work with underserved communities with multiple potential environmental chemical exposures.

ESP Students will gain an understanding of:

  • The complexity of environmental exposures from healthcare provider and patient perspectives;
  • The chemical, physical, and organizational (e.g., community, workplace) factors that play a role in environmental health;
  • The importance of designing environmental interventions to meet the needs of specific and diverse groups of people; and
  • The role of environmental health and safety professionals in improving patient and community health.

ESP students will be mentored by EaRTH Center faculty as well as an onsite supervisor. At the end of the summer project, students will provide a “give back” product to their host organization, such as data analyses, environmental health education and outreach materials, policy reports, and publications related to the students’ research at their host organizations. Students will also give a presentation about their summer internship experience at the annual EaRTH Center Research Forum, attended by EaRTH Center members, the Stakeholder Advisor Board, representatives of host organizations, and the larger community.

After their summer internship, 2nd and 3rd year ESP students will design and conduct a more complex research project. EaRTH Center clinical and research mentors and the Pilot Project Program will link students to the Center’s research activities, faculty mentors, and the network of stakeholders in the healthcare professional community. Research can be qualitative or quantitative but must be achievable with a written paper by the end of the 3rd year, which students will present at the annual EaRTH Center Research Forum. 

ESP students will receive a total stipend of $10K for participating in the 3-year program.