EaRTH Annual Research Forum Award Opportunity


During the EaRTH Annual Research Forum Networking Session, attendees will choose a table based on their research interests or an area they want to learn more about. You'll then be able to collaborate with colleagues on an idea, receive advice from the table's facilitator or hang out to meet fellow researchers. If you need help finding a table, we'll be there to help!

Those that attend the networking session will be eligible to apply for one of the two $5K (direct costs) awards we are offering for environmental health projects. Although the primary applications are limited to UCSF and UC Berkeley faculty and postdocs (faculty in any series in all ranks, appointees to the Professional Research Series and to the Librarian Series, postdoctoral scholars), others may join the project as in-kind support. Core services are also available to supplement these awards and would be in addition to the $5K.

Forum Awards can support any research in the environmental health sciences that aligns with the theme of the EaRTH Center, which is to understand how exposure to environmental pollutants and/or environmental chemicals during development influence disease and to intervene and prevent exposures to improve health throughout the lifespan, especially among vulnerable and underserved populations. Exposures may include relevant environmental chemicals and food additives as well as factors that may affect biological responses to chemical/pollutant exposures such as psychosocial stress.

Applications are due by end of day Wednesday, November 9. The application cycle has closed for the 2022 Networking Awards.